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Because gaming doesn't have to be expensive to be fun...

Welcome to Brandinooo's Gamer's Domain.  In the past 11 years since I launched Brandinooo's Gamer's Domain, the Internet has changed incredibly...personal websites no longer seem very viable because quite excellent information is available everywhere.  In its place are blogs, where anyone can easily talk about anything. 

In this new age of the Internet, Brandinooo's Gamer's Domain will continue to feature personalized information about the Sega Genesis, and a focused look at the best PC Freeware games in "Beefy Software."  Thanks for stopping by! Read on to learn more about what's featured in this site.

Sega Genesis Gaming

Click on the "Sega Genesis" link at the top of the page to learn about how to get started in Sega Genesis gaming in 2011, and some suggested picks for games to play.  Also, learn some interesting things about the Genesis you might not know about.  The Sega Genesis is an ideal system for introducing kids and adults alike to retro gaming on a budget.

16 bits can still do it

Even at only 16 bits, the Sega Genesis still packs some punch!

Beefy Software

Beefy Software was a Freeware/Shareware website that I originally set up in 1999 on as my website for Game Creation System (GCS) games that I would eventually create.  After racking up thousands of hits because I billed the website as a place to find first person shooters, I realized that I was not going to actually ever make any games with the GCS.  So, I put links to a website community that hosted GCS created games, along with links to fun freeware and shareware games I found on the internet.  When Expage went under, so did Beefy Software.  I tried to re-launch Beefy Software a few years ago under my account, but this never really took off.  I'm proud to re-launch Beefy Software on BGD.